Jan 30 Press Release

Kick-Starting 2018

– 30th January 2018 –

Seesaw Media have got 2018 off to a flying start with clients appearing in some of the UK’s most talked – and tweeted – about television series and feature films of the year. With starring roles in the dark and gripping thriller “Kiri” and Channel 4’s game of cat and mouse that is “Hunted,” to name a few, Seesaw’s clients have already been seen by a combined audience of over 10 million viewers in January alone.

The exposure is causing quite a reaction, and not just within the offices of Seesaw Media or their clients. Audiences are taking to social media to tweet and post about the brands they are seeing on screen, with one program recently generating over a hundred tweets about a placement. For Seesaw and their clients, social media is a great way to gauge how successful the placements have been – giving instant, honest reaction and confirmation that the brand is seen by viewers.

The rest of the year doesn’t look like it’s slowing down either; with a further 15 prime-time television series and 14 blockbuster movies scheduled for release in the next 12 months (and that’s not including the numerous scripts, treatments and partnership opportunities that the Seesaw team are reviewing on a daily basis).

With 2018 predicted to be a record-breaking year at the box office, it looks like it could be a record-breaking year for Seesaw Media too!