Dec 06

Seesaw Celebrates 16 Years of Product Placement

– 6th December 2017 –

In celebration of Seesaw’s 16th birthday, we have put together this infographic to highlight sixteen years of Seesaw Product Placement firsts that we are really proud of.

Having been fortunate enough to represent many of the world’s most famous, premium and luxury lifestyle brands from automotive to travel, fashion to spirits, we have secured over 400 placements since our launch in 2001. Since our inaugural year, we have gone on to secure  exposure in Oscar and BAFTA award winning films as well as Golden Globe and EMMY award winning television productions and music videos by award winning artists. As we have grown so have our services, now encompassing high-profile celebrity influencer programs, music video placements, movie premieres and licencing as well as tour and television sponsorship.

In our 16 years, we have had the opportunity to work with cinema’s most famous characters, including super heroes, super villains, demon barbers, F1 drivers, rock-stars, chocolate factory owners, Gotham’s finest, Metropolis’s menace, an Iron Man, the Iron Lady, Hogwart’s most famous student and Britain’s most famous spy, to name a few.

We’ve had success on the small screen too, with our first placement in the BAFTA awarding winning series The Apprentice, since then our clients have appeared in award-winning high profile dramas and box sets including House, Sherlock, Wallander and The Night Manager.

We are looking forward to the next 16 years and all the firsts they have in store for clients old and new. So If you’d like your company to be a part of our story and the biggest stories in film and television, why not start with a first of your own and send us an email to or call +44 208 343 2022.