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securing on screen exposure through paid and prop placement

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identifying opportunities in existing
and original formats

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amplifying exposure through licensing, premiere support and promotions


Since 2001, Seesaw Media has successfully secured prominent exposure for clients in high profile feature films, television productions, SVOD, music videos and digital content with both critical and commercial success.

Seesaw Media specialises in establishing relationships between premium brands and the global entertainment industry through targeted product placement, brand integration, branded content and partnerships.

With unparalleled access to global entertainment properties, Seesaw’s dedicated team of entertainment specialists ensure clients’ products and services are seen by the widest audiences and are talked about long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

To find out more about Seesaw Media’s services and what product placement can do for your brand, contact us.


Heritage Product Placement

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Seesaw’s Successful Year of Product Placement

- 9th Feb 2017 - A new year, a new look website and a brand new infographic giving an insight in to Seesaw Media and the world of product placement. In 2016 alone, we have secured over four hour